Rory McDougall and Cooking Fat
Rory McDougall and Cooking Fat

I was born in 1969 in Australia, but grew up from the age of 6 on the south coast of England – helping my Dad to mess about with boats. I was fortunate that we did a family trip across the Atlantic from Dartmouth UK when I was just 13 years old, and of course fell under the sailing bug ever since. I built “Cooking Fat” in 1991 in a barn near Newton Abbot, Devon and launched her at Totnes with Dartmouth becoming her home port. We set off on the circumnavigation and took one year to sail out to New Zealand where I fell in love with a Kiwi lass and the fair country and it was 4 years later that I actually got sailing again to finish the world circle. “Cookie” as I call her affectionately, and I arrived back to Dartmouth exactly 6 years later in Aug 1997, and became the smallest catamaran to “go around”, which was the initial goal but became secondary to the actual love of small boat voyaging and the serenity it can bring. I sailed approximately half of my voyage solo and the rest with other adventurers I had managed to convince to come along for the ride!


I currently run a day sailing business and do marine surveys and deliveries based out of Belize, Central America.

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