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Start off western end of Plymouth Breakwater at 1300 on Sunday 23rd May 2010.
(1.5 hours before HW Devonport)

  • Skippers’ briefing (plus guests) on board Black Velvet (QAB) at 12 noon Friday 21st May 2010.
  • Skippers’ dinner (plus guests) in the Royal Western Yacht Club (QAB) 1900, 21st May 2010.
  • Supporter’s spectator vessel will be organised from QAB, leaving am 23rd May 2010.
  • Finish at  Newport, Rhode Island, USA.


The Jester Challenge is run on a ‘gentlemanly basis’ within the following guidelines:

  • for sailing vessels between 20 and 30 feet (including multi-hulls)
  • human power is the only acceptable alternative propulsion to that of the wind: rowing or clubhauling, for instance, are permissible
  • single-handed to Newport
  • one way
  • stops allowed
  • no time limit
  • engines may be fitted but only used to charge batteries for equipment such as mobile telephones, steering and navigation systems.  The sole exceptions to this, within the spirit of the Jester Challenge, would be the avoidance of an imminent ‘mayday’ situation; responding to a distress call from a fellow seafarer or when within the harbour limits of an intermediate port en route. If the use of an engine - or the acceptance of a powered tow from another vessel, whether a Jester Challenger or not - becomes necessary to meet, for instance, a personal time limit or, simply, to avoid a frustrating calm, then the details should be declared on arrival to fellow Jester Challengers.  By common agreement - and using the co-ordinator as an arbitrator if there is no common agreement - the arrival order may then be amended.
  • age of skipper to be over 18 years at the start
  • no fees
  • no inspections
  • no regulations: skippers will be entirely responsible for the equipment they take, based on their own experience
  • only hint of bureaucracy will be the signing of a form of indemnity accepting the skipper’s full duty of care for himself, his dependants and his fellow seafarers during his participation in the JC 2010.
  • skippers should ensure that they have the correct visa for entry into the USA.  Experience suggests that non-US citizens can not have too much lead time for obtaining this outside the United States
  • entries (and cancellations - obviously with no financial penalty)  will be accepted up to twenty-four hours before the start (ie by 1300 Saturday 22nd May 2010)



  • a 500 mile, non-stop voyage be made in the same vessel
  • at least third party insurance be obtained



                Not being a ‘race’ there is no official finishing order - there is of course a time of arrival - thus there are no prizes other than the personal satisfaction of having sailed fairly against peer vessels of a like construction, rig, size, skipper’s experience and so on; ie, a number of personal challenges within the whole.
John Margeson has kindly donated a Crown to be presented to the first skipper home who has, genuinely, built his own vessel.


Jester Challenge 2010 Entry List


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